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Colloque Manche Orientale au LOG du 6 au 8 juin 2017

The oceanography and geoscience of the eastern English Channel - Past, Present and Future

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The eastern English Channel has a long history in marine research with the first marine station built in 1874, and followed by the creation of two other marine research laboratories in 1888 and 1900. Both laboratories were destroyed during the World War II, and it is not until 1960 that marine research deployed its wings again in 1960 with the inauguration of the Marine Station of Wimereux by the University of Lille. This structure is now part of the larger Laboratory of Oceanography and Geoscience (LOG). This interdisciplinary research laboratory shared by the University of Lille, the University of Littoral Côte d’Opale and the National Centre for Scientific Research hosts more than 100 people working on various research areas ranging from molecular microbiology to ocean circulation and tectonics, and still has a strong focus on the eastern English Channel.

In this context, the objectives of the conference are
(i) to bring together the researchers that worked, are working and will work on various aspects of the Oceanography and Geoscience of the eastern English Channel,
(ii) to establish an exhaustive synthesis of what is known (and unknown) in the structure and function of this area uniquely characterised by the combination of a megatidal regime, high levels of biodiversity and productivity, and the intensity of anthropogenic stressors and
(iii) to identify the research gaps that will define the goals to be reached over the next decades in an era of global change and increasing anthropogenic pressure.

Please visit further the conference website for further information on registration, abstract submission and conference proceedings.

L. Seuront& N. Spilmont, organizers of the EEC-2017 conference.


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