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Armelle Riboulleau

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Maître de conférences

Adresse Contact
Lille 1 Sciences et Technologies Tél : 03 20 43 41 10
Bâtiment SN5 Fax : 03 20 43 49 10
59655 Villeneuve d’Asq Cedex France Email :

Research topics

- Sedimentology and geochemistry of organic matter
- Sedimentary organic matter preservation pathways
- Natural sulfurization
- Biomarkers as paleoenvironmental markers
- Biomarkers of Paleozoic plants

Formation :

1997 : DEA Methodes quantitatives et modelisation des bassins sédimentaires (Université Paris 6 – IFPschool)

2000 : PhD in Sedimentology and organic matter geochemistry (Université Paris 6)

2013 : HDR in Sedimentology and organic matter geochemistry (Université Lille1)

Overview of production :

In referred international journals : 42
In books : 2
63 oral and poster presentations in national and international conferences and worksops


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- Quijada, M., Riboulleau, A., Guerardel, Y., Monnet, C., Tribovillard, N. (2015) Neutral aldoses derived from sequential acid hydrolysis of sediments as indicators of diagenesis over 120,000 years. Organic Geochemistry, 81, 0, 53–63.

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