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Séminaire au LOG à Wimereux de Carlos Martinez Del Rio

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Séminaire de Carlos Martinez Del Rio (Université de Wyoming) intitulé :
Power and limits : Stable isotopes in evolutionary and physiological ecology

Date : 8 septembre 2017 à 11h

Lieu : salle de conférences à la MREN

Résumé :
Stable isotopes are a useful, even a powerful, tool for ecologists. But they also have profound limitations. Using them wisely demands recognizing both their power and their disadvantages. In this talk, I will first illustrate the power of stable isotope analysis in ecology by applying them to an adaptive radiation of South American birds. I hope to show that table isotopes can be used as covariates in comparative physiological studies and as tools to explore ecological niches. Then I will deconstruct one of the main assumptions of the use of stable isotopes in ecology : I will show that for omnivores, assuming that organisms incorporate well mixed combinations of their diets is incorrect. But that sometimes we can be saved by technology : adopting a novel technique (measuring the isotopic values of individual amino acids) can help us understand why our simple models fail.