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Séminaire au LOG de Daniel Schaffer

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le , mis à jour le

Séminaire de Daniel Schaffer (Post Doctorant CNRS LOG) intitulé :
ESA Ocean synergy training : what is available and what you can do using ESA’s satellite constellation

Date : mercredi 8 juillet à 10h

Lieu : salle Frontier à la SMW et salle 128 au SN5 (visio)

Résumé :
This presentations aims to give an overview of what was presented during the Advanced Ocean Synergy training course 2019, organized by ESA in Chania - Greece. I will present the sensors that are available to the end user, databases and a few softwares that you can use to work/visualize the orbital images. I will also cover the different RS products and how you can combine them to extract physical, chemical or biological information from your target.