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Séminaire de Bonelli Ana Gabriela

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le

Séminaire de Bonelli Ana Gabriela intitulé : CDOM : A new method for a global estimation

Date : 18/09 à 10h

Lieu : salle Frontier à la SMW et salle 128 au SN5

Résumé :
The Colored Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) plays a crucial role in marine biogeochemical processes. Its absorption controls the penetration of UV radiation into the ocean.
The absorption of CDOM, acdom (λ), changes over time and space, depending on its composition and origin. While numerous algorithms have been documented for estimating acdom (λ) from ocean color radiometry (OCR) in coastal areas, this is not the case in open ocean waters. The main issue for a proper estimation of acdom (λ) from OCR stands in our ability to distinguish it from the non-algal particles (NAP) absorption. Their absorption spectral shapes are usually described in oceanic waters by a single component, acdm (λ).
In this context, the present study has been dedicated to the assessment of acdom (λ) over open ocean waters. The new algorithm has been applied to the Globcolour ocean colour archive for match-up analysis of acdom (λ) and its relative contribution to acdm (λ) (i.e. acdom/acdm).