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Séminaire de Devrah Arndt et Christopher Vulpe

Le 23 mai 2016 à 10h salle Pruvost bâtiment SN5 RDC

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Séminaire de Devrah Arndt and Christopher Vulpe (University of Florida, Department of Physiology) intitulé :

Silver Nanowire toxicity to cells and organisms : A silver bullet to ecosystem health ?

Date : 23 mai 2016

Lieu : salle Pruvost bâtiment SN5 RDC

Résumé :

Silver nanowires are rapidly displacing current technology for touchscreen displays, and additional silver nanowire applications are becoming available in the form of solar cells and conformational electronics like OLED displays. Despite a push to understand the impacts of engineered nanomaterials on human and environmental health, there is a lack of knowledge regarding silver nanowire toxicity to biological systems. Evidence indicates that nanowires exhibit altered patterns of transport, cellular uptake, and asbestos-like toxic injury due to the high aspect ratio of nanowires. This project will use rainbow trout-based cellular and whole organism assays to probe specific characteristics of silver nanowires that make them more or less toxic to organisms, so that silver nanowires can be synthesized in an environmentally responsible manner.