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Séminaire de Sébastien Lefebvre

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le

Séminaire de Sébastien Lefebvre intitulé : "We are what we eat…. well almost !"

Date : mercredi 4 septembre à 10h

Lieu : salle de conférence de la MREN et en visio dans la salle 128 du SN5

Résumé :
This seminar aims at presenting the project ISIT-U (In Search of IsoTopic Uncertainties in ecology using food web dynamic modelling) funded by ULNE foundation through the call Isite Expand 2017.
Living organisms interact by means of predator-prey relationships within food webs. These interactions control most ecological processes directly (fisheries, water quality) or indirectly (climate change). Stable isotope analysis (SIA) of predator and prey tissues is a widely used tool as a natural tracer of trophic interactions. It follows the rule “We are what we eat….plus a few per mil”….and with a time lag. The present project has as an objective the improvement of this tool by providing a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that shape how faithfully, and how dynamically the values in resources are incorporated into consumers. Improving SIA methods at different biological organisational levels would allow to better monitor how global change affects biodiversity and ecosystem functioning (climate regulation, food supply etc…) in a multifactorial way. »