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Séminaire du Dr Ingrid Sassenhagen (Post Doc LOG-ULCO)

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le

Séminaire en anglais

Lieu : Salle de conférences à Wimereux MREN

Date : 2 mai 2018 à 14h00

The unexpected differences between individual plankton cells

Most single cells of a planktonic species represent despite their microscopic size and similar morphology unique individuals. I investigated the genetic and physiological diversity within different microalgal species using molecular methods and growth assays. Populations of the same microalgal species in individual lakes and geographically distant marine habitats are genetically distinct from each other. Furthermore, there is a surprisingly high turnover of genotypes within a few years at the same location likely caused by changes in environmental conditions. Growth experiments showed significant differences in growth optima among individual algal lineages. This diversity might enable fast adjustments to changing environmental conditions as was suggested by the genetic data. Frequent changes in composition of genotypes might also cause high temporal variability in bloom formation and physiological traits of microalgae such as toxicity especially regarding future global change.