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Séminaire de Katy Nicastro au LOG

par Valérie PLOUVIN - publié le , mis à jour le

Séminaire de Katy Nicastro (CCMAR, Portugal et Rhodes University, South Africa) intitulé :
Why intra-specific diversity matters

Date : mercredi 30 septembre 2020 à 10h

Lieu : Salle Frontier SMW Wimereux et Salle 128 SN5 en visio

Résumé :
Human activities are driving unprecedentedly rapid changes to environment conditions worldwide, resulting in global biodiversity loss and reshuffling. These changes in biodiversity affect ecosystem functions and, in turn, the sustainability of human societies, and this has prompted calls for increased research on understanding the consequences of such alterations. Most of the focus is on diversity at the species level. Yet, a major component of biodiversity is intraspecific variation.

In this talk, I will highlight how widening the characterization of diversity to include distinct genotypic and phenotypic variation within single species can be critical to fully grasp the consequences of accelerating biodiversity loss and to plan effective conservation strategies. I will focus on a coastal ecosystem and report some examples of how intraspecific genetic and phenotypic variation within and among populations can play a crucial role in ecological and evolutionary processes, particularly when it comes to responses to climate change and the maintenance of overall diversity, ecological stability and resilience.